Talkprogramm WS2021

Talks with curators who work in museums, galleries or freelance organised by the association.
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Talkprogramm WS2021

The association organises exciting talks with curators who work in museums, galleries or freelance. Through the talks, the members of the association should get an idea of the individual steps from the conception to the organization.

free for members and 10€ for non-members. price includes drinks after the talk.


12.10.2021 / 7 pm– Marlies Wirth (MAK Vienna)

16.11.2021 / 7 pm – Severin Dünser (Belvedere 21)

14.12.2021 / 7 pm - Titania Seidl & Lukas Thaler (MAUVE)

11.01.2022 / 7 pm – Katharina Brandl (Kunstraum Niederösterreich)


ANZENBERGERGALLERY / Brotfabrik Wien, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna, Austria.

YCC VIE thanks Anzenbergergallery for hosting the talks.