Toxic // Symbiosis | 06.06 - 08.06.2024

Opening: 05.06.2024 | Toxic // Symbiosis confronts the idea of technological aspects with an organic perspective.
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Toxic // Symbiosis | 06.06 - 08.06.2024

Toxic // Symbiosis

Nußdorferstraße 47
1090 Vienna

: 5.6. 2024. | 18:00 - 21:00
Exhibition duration: 06.06. - 08.06.2024
Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday | 13:00 - 19:00
Closing: 08.06.2024 | 13:00 - 19:00


Tsuro Ikonberg, Elias Jocher, June Kitho, Karin Pliem, Leon Simonis

Curatorial Team:

Exhibition management: Luca Constantin Barbuntoiu
Assistance to the management: Rubina Hanak-Hammerl, Alyssa Findlay
Marketing: Felice Gotthardt, Laura Rist
Communication: Alise Daniela Linka, Magdalena Schumm
YCC-Teamsupervision: Julia Harrauer, Laura Birschitzky

Graphic Design @paragraphdesignstudio

Exhibition Text:

Toxic // Symbiosis confronts the idea of technological aspects with an organic perspective. Both are engaged in a "toxic symbiosis" – this connection describes the relationship of the two entities, trapped in a repressive dependency – two poles on the same axis, one end pushing towards the Organic, the other towards the Technological. To the point as to where it seems, that an approximation of these poles would dissolve their current classification system.
However, is the high adaptability of both parties possibly being disregarded? Can the Organic and the Technological find a way out of their toxic symbiosis? Do they harm each other in the process? Wouldn't a resolution of their strict separation and a mutually beneficial, symbiotic coexistence be much more fruitful?
TOXIC//SYMBIOSIS aims to provide opportunities for this phenomenon to visually express itself in the diverse forms it can take. Artists act as mediators, exploring interdisciplinary and multimedial future visions, that reflect and carry the current and future changes in the world.

Foto: Rubina Hanak-Hammerl
Foto: Rubina Hannak-Hammerl
Grafikdesign: Paragraph Design Studio